Pepper and Salt Miniature Schnauzer Breeding

Pepper and Salt Miniature Schnauzer – GROMARION
Welcome to the website of the pepper and salt miniature schnauzer.
For a very long time now I have been a great lover of this German breed. For the past few years I have owned a Miniature Schnauzer female, Savanna. I bought her from Szadoria, Mrs Dorota Szmurło a breeder. After taking her home she won the hearts of all family members as well as friends.

At first I wasn't going to put my dog in a dog show but my friends encouraged me to do it. I tried first time, then second and then a third, etc. This is how my adventure with cynology started. In a short time my female won many titles in Poland and abroad. At present she is the Interchampion.

Savanna is sociable and brought up in a family atmosphere together with two small children. She is a wonderful Savi for us and we can't imagine life without her.

I would like to thank to Mrs Dorota Szmurło for passing her knowledge and giving me tips and advice. I want to also thank her for all her work that she invested into my dog. Thanks to that work Savi looks beautiful, not only during dog shows but also in everyday walks.

Gromarion Breeder is registered in Cynology Union in Poland at the following number 4104/G.